Doraemon Yu


Hello, welcome to the official website for piano musics which was played by Doraemon Yu, me. These musics will always be free for people who enjoy it. You can listen, download and copy if you wanna. This without any limitation, but refuses to use for commercial purposes. Sincerely hope you enjoy them :)

I'm a professional senior software engineer with busy work daily, and then only play and practice piano in my leisure time. In fact, my playing is between in beginning and intermediate level.

Maybe you will be curious about that, why I enjoy playing piano, why I make this free website, and why I dare to share my playing music even though just as an amateur pianist? Yep, I hopefully share your about my story.

Long long ago... ( Idiomatic beginning of a story, hahaha... )

I was born in 1989 and in a poor family. My childhood was happy and very ordinary as many other peers. There is not too many impressive memories when I was a child, except that day.

I still remember it was sunny, even a little hot day. When my grandpa took me to the downtown park, then we passed by a piano store. I heard a very pleasing music, to be precise, before I arrived. Then looked through the shop window, I saw a beautiful young girl, who wear a long hair and dress in a graceful long skirt, was sitting in front of a piano and reveling in playing. Once her fingers pressed the black or white key, magically, colorful music would appear. I had never heard such beautiful music before! At that moment, I forgot the hot weather, forgot the hunger, there were only melodies and notes in my whole world. Later, She open her eyes (what the bright big eyes!) when she found that I was looking at her, look at me seriously and give me a sweet smile, then recoveried and continued to be reveling in playing piano.

As you see, this is the first encounter, between piano and me. That day, I was five years old.

Backfired. Yep, There were has many regrets in the world as usual.

Few days later, I tried to talk to my parents, about that day and my dream. As result, I just gained disagreement even laugh. It's impossible that I can own a piano lesson not to mention a piano. According to them, piano is only accessible to children from wealthy families. Without doubt, I cried so sad that night. But since then, I had never mentioned any words related to piano.

However, from time to time, I still memories that day, that beautiful girl and the wonderful music from piano.

Probably, I was a stubborn boy. I never mention any words related to piano again, but I stealthy learn it all by myself. Without professional training, without non-toy musical instrument, I learn it on my own. Yet, this also brings disadvantages to me, I formed some bad habits such as the non-standard fingering, the weak control for sustain, etc. However, as long as I could "play piano" and own the progress, I would be very happy.

Time passes.

Later, I became a father. One day, my son passed his toy piano to me. I casually played several pieces of music, and then shocked my son, my wife and my parents, because they did never know that I can play music before. So that day, I open my heart to talk agian about my dream when I was a child. My parents feel sorry. But, never mind, let bygones be bygones.

With serious considerations and my wife's encouragements, I decided to create this website and to continuously update my playing musics.

First of all, I wanna to cheer up people who have a dream but maybe they were weathering the tough time. Just as an old saying goes, no sweet without some sweat, and God helps those who help themselves. Don’t care too much about the result, just keep going and you should gain something wonderful on the road. This is the value of a dream, isn't it?

Furthermore, I would continue to upload my playing music, iterate them even the same music. Therefore, this website will record it and you will see my growth. It will be so awesome!

Last but not least, I hope you enjoy these musics and have a great day :)